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Alwaye Pin Code List

Get complete pin code of Alwaye areas.

Find below the comlete list of Alwaye pin codes along with details like the postal circle, postal division, postal code, post office status, nearby areas etc. The below list covers area pin code in Alwaye like Kadakkanad, Kadamattam, Kadayirippu, Karukappilli, Kinginimattom, Kolenchery, Kunnackal, Mekkadambu, Aluva Bazar, Aluva H.O, Aluva Town Bus Stand, Aluva-asokapuram, Desom, Union Christian College, South Vazhakulam, Thottumughom, Thaikkattukara, Marampally, Thottakkattukara, Uliyannoor, Muppathadam, West Kadungalloor, Kochi Airport, Erumathala, Binanipuram, Alangad, Karumalloor, Neericode. Panaikulam, West Veliyathunad,
PincodeAreaCityTalukaP.O. Status
682311Kadakkanad pin codeAlwayeKunnathunadBranch Post Office
682311Kadamattam pin codeAlwayeKunnathunadBranch Post Office
682311Kadayirippu pin codeAlwayeKunnathunadBranch Post Office
682311Karukappilli pin codeAlwayeKunnathunadBranch Post Office
682311Kinginimattom pin codeAlwayeKunnathunadBranch Post Office
682311Kolenchery pin codeAlwayeKunnathunadSub Post Office
682316Kunnackal pin codeAlwayeMuvattupuzhaSub Post Office
682316Mekkadambu pin codeAlwayeMuvattupuzhaBranch Post Office
683101Aluva Bazar pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683101Aluva H.O pin codeAlwayeAluvaHead Post Office
683101Aluva Town Bus Stand pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683101Aluva-asokapuram pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683102Desom pin codeAlwayeAluvaBranch Post Office
683102Union Christian College pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683105South Vazhakulam pin codeAlwayeAluvaBranch Post Office
683105Thottumughom pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683106Thaikkattukara pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683107Marampally pin codeAlwayeKunnathunadSub Post Office
683108Thottakkattukara pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683108Uliyannoor pin codeAlwayeAluvaBranch Post Office
683110Muppathadam pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683110West Kadungalloor pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683111Kochi Airport pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683112Erumathala pin codeAlwayeAluvaSub Post Office
683502Binanipuram pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683511Alangad pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683511Karumalloor pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683511Neericode pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683511Panaikulam pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683511West Veliyathunad pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683512Chendamangalam pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683513Ezhikkara pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683513Nanthiattukunnam pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683513Paravur Market pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683513Paravur pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683513Paravur Town pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683514Cherai pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683515Palliport pin codeAlwayeKochiSub Post Office
683516Gothuruthy pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683516Maliankara pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683516Moothakunnam pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683517Varapuzha Landing pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683517Varapuzha pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683518Kongorpilly pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683518Koonammavu pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683519Kaitharam pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683519Kottuvally pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683520Mannam Paravur pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
683520Thathappilly pin codeAlwayeParavurBranch Post Office
683521Vadakkumpuram pin codeAlwayeParavurSub Post Office
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This database has been sourced from the India post.

What is a PIN code?

The Postal Index Number or popularly know as the PIN code is the post code for post office numbering used by the India Post. It a series of number grouped as per postal regions and postal circles defined by the India Post, required for sorting mails.

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