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Barasat Pin Code List

Get complete pin code of Barasat areas.

Find below the comlete list of Barasat pin codes along with details like the postal circle, postal division, postal code, post office status, nearby areas etc. The below list covers area pin code in Barasat like Sethpukur, Barasat Bazar, Barasat H.O, Kadambagachi, Kamdevpur, Kazipara, Khilkapur, Noapara, Noapara Madhavpur, Bodai, Jagannathpur, Malikapur, Nabapally, Hridaypur, Badu, Bhagyamantapur, Kirtipur, Madanpur Krishnapur, Mudiahat, Madhyamgram, East Udayrajpur, Udayrajpur, Korachandigarh, Madhyamgram Bazar, Newbarackpur, Ganganagar, Ganti, Michealnagar. Akandakeshari, Bagu,
PincodeAreaCityTalukaP.O. Status
700124Sethpukur pin codeBarasatBaaarasatSub Post Office
700124Barasat Bazar pin codeBarasatBarasatSub Post Office
700124Barasat H.O pin codeBarasatBarasatHead Post Office
700125Kadambagachi pin codeBarasatKadambagachiBranch Post Office
700125Kamdevpur pin codeBarasatKamdevpurBranch Post Office
700125Kazipara pin codeBarasatKaziparaBranch Post Office
700125Khilkapur pin codeBarasatKhilkapurBranch Post Office
700125Noapara pin codeBarasatNoaparaSub Post Office
700125Noapara Madhavpur pin codeBarasatNoapara MadhavpurBranch Post Office
700126Bodai pin codeBarasatBodaiBranch Post Office
700126Jagannathpur pin codeBarasatJagannathpurBranch Post Office
700126Malikapur pin codeBarasatMalikapurBranch Post Office
700126Nabapally pin codeBarasatNabapallySub Post Office
700127Hridaypur pin codeBarasatHridaypurSub Post Office
700128Badu pin codeBarasatBaduSub Post Office
700128Bhagyamantapur pin codeBarasatBhagyamantapurBranch Post Office
700128Kirtipur pin codeBarasatKirtipur`Branch Post Office
700128Madanpur Krishnapur pin codeBarasatMadanpur KrishnapurBranch Post Office
700128Mudiahat pin codeBarasatMudiahatBranch Post Office
700129Madhyamgram pin codeBarasatMadhyamgramSub Post Office
700129East Udayrajpur pin codeBarasatUdayrajpurBranch Post Office
700129Udayrajpur pin codeBarasatUdayrajpurBranch Post Office
700130Korachandigarh pin codeBarasatKorachandigarhBranch Post Office
700130Madhyamgram Bazar pin codeBarasatMadhyamgramSub Post Office
700131Newbarackpur pin codeBarasatNewbarackpurSub Post Office
700132Ganganagar pin codeBarasatGanganagarSub Post Office
700132Ganti pin codeBarasatGantiBranch Post Office
700133Michealnagar pin codeBarasatMichealnagarSub Post Office
700135Akandakeshari pin codeBarasatAkandakeshariBranch Post Office
700135Bagu pin codeBarasatBaguBranch Post Office
700135Rajarhat Bishnupur pin codeBarasatBishnupurBranch Post Office
700135Chandpur pin codeBarasatChandpurBranch Post Office
700135Rajarhat Deara pin codeBarasatDearaBranch Post Office
700135Hatisala pin codeBarasatHatisalaBranch Post Office
700135Kadampukur pin codeBarasatKadampukurBranch Post Office
700135Kamduni pin codeBarasatKamduniBranch Post Office
700135Kashinathpur pin codeBarasatKashinathpurBranch Post Office
700135Lauhati pin codeBarasatLauhatiBranch Post Office
700135Machibhanga pin codeBarasatMachibhangaBranch Post Office
700135Matiaghata pin codeBarasatMatiaghataBranch Post Office
700135Paikan pin codeBarasatPaikanBranch Post Office
700135Pakka Polarhat pin codeBarasatPakka PolarhatBranch Post Office
700135Patharghata pin codeBarasatPatharghataBranch Post Office
700135Pithapukuria pin codeBarasatPithapukuriaBranch Post Office
700135Polarhat pin codeBarasatPolarhatBranch Post Office
700135Rajarhat pin codeBarasatRajarhatSub Post Office
700135Rohanda pin codeBarasatRohandaBranch Post Office
700135Satbhaya pin codeBarasatSatbhayaBranch Post Office
700135Shyamnagar pin codeBarasatShyamnagarBranch Post Office
700135Sikharpur pin codeBarasatSikharpurBranch Post Office
What is the source of this database?
This database has been sourced from the India post.

What is a PIN code?

The Postal Index Number or popularly know as the PIN code is the post code for post office numbering used by the India Post. It a series of number grouped as per postal regions and postal circles defined by the India Post, required for sorting mails.

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