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Chitradurga Pin Code List

Get complete pin code of Chitradurga areas.

Find below the comlete list of Chitradurga pin codes along with details like the postal circle, postal division, postal code, post office status, nearby areas etc. The below list covers area pin code in Chitradurga like Alur, Babbur Farm, Doddaghatta, Hiriyur Bazar, Hiriyur, Huvinahole, Kasavanahally, Uduvally, Yalanadu, Yelladakere, Beeranahally, Ganaikanahally, Gownahally, Hiriyur Sugar Factory, Kurubarahally, Metikurke, Myaklurahally, Vanivilasapura, Belagur, Alaghatta, Ballalasamudra, Kabbala, Kerehosahally, Thandaga, Barline Road-Davanagere, Chamarajpet, Krishnarajendra Road-DVG, Davangere H.O. Basavanahal, Belavanur,
PincodeAreaCityTalukaP.O. Status
572143Alur pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572143Babbur Farm pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572143Doddaghatta pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572143Hiriyur Bazar pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurSub Post Office
572143Hiriyur pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurSub Post Office
572143Huvinahole pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572143Kasavanahally pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572143Uduvally pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572143Yalanadu pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572143Yelladakere pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572144Beeranahally pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572144Ganaikanahally pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572144Gownahally pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572144Hiriyur Sugar Factory pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurSub Post Office
572144Kurubarahally pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572144Metikurke pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572144Myaklurahally pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
572144Vanivilasapura pin codeChitradurgaHiriyurBranch Post Office
573114Belagur pin codeChitradurgaHasadurgaSub Post Office
573114Alaghatta pin codeChitradurgaHosadurgaBranch Post Office
573114Ballalasamudra pin codeChitradurgaHosadurgaBranch Post Office
573114Kabbala pin codeChitradurgaHosadurgaBranch Post Office
573114Kerehosahally pin codeChitradurgaHosadurgaBranch Post Office
573114Thandaga pin codeChitradurgaHosadurgaBranch Post Office
577001Barline Road-Davanagere pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577001Chamarajpet pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577001Krishnarajendra Road-DVG pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577001Davangere H.O pin codeChitradurgaDavangereHead Post Office
577002Basavanahal pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Belavanur pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Bethur pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Devarabelakere pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Kadajji pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Kolkunte pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Lokikere pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Mudahadadi pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Shyagale pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Tholahunse pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577002Davanagere City pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577002Jayadeva Circle-Davanagere pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577002Kasturaba Extension pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577003Avaragere pin codeChitradurgaBranch Post Office
577003Rm Yard- Davanagere pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577004Cg Hospital pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577004Modi Circle-Davanagere pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577004Nittuvalli pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereBranch Post Office
577004Shyamanur pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereBranch Post Office
577004Southern Extension-DVG pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577005Bapuji Vidyanagara pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereSub Post Office
577005Siramagondanahalli pin codeChitradurgaDavanagereBranch Post Office
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This database has been sourced from the India post.

What is a PIN code?

The Postal Index Number or popularly know as the PIN code is the post code for post office numbering used by the India Post. It a series of number grouped as per postal regions and postal circles defined by the India Post, required for sorting mails.

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