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Gudur Pin Code List

Get complete pin code of Gudur areas.

Find below the comlete list of Gudur pin codes along with details like the postal circle, postal division, postal code, post office status, nearby areas etc. The below list covers area pin code in Gudur like Gudur Bazar, Gudur East, Gudur H.O, Gudurpolytechnic, Kandra, Kondagunta, Malavyanagar, Narasingaraopeta, Nellatur, P.R.Palem, Vedicherla, Vindur, Uchur, Damanellore, Dos Colony, Manganellore, Mannarpolur(Urban Area), Pulicotnagar, Sullurpeta, Uggumudi, Velagalaponnur, Akkampeta, Kadalur, Karijatha, Mambathi, Vatambedu, Doravarisatram, Sreedhanamalli. Venumbaka, Anepudi,
PincodeAreaCityTalukaP.O. Status
524101Gudur Bazar pin codeGudurGudurSub Post Office
524101Gudur East pin codeGudurGudurSub Post Office
524101Gudur H.O pin codeGudurGudurHead Post Office
524101Gudurpolytechnic pin codeGudurGudurBranch Post Office
524101Kandra pin codeGudurGudurBranch Post Office
524101Kondagunta pin codeGudurGudurBranch Post Office
524101Malavyanagar pin codeGudurGudurSub Post Office
524101Narasingaraopeta pin codeGudurGudurSub Post Office
524101Nellatur pin codeGudurGudurBranch Post Office
524101P.R.Palem pin codeGudurGudurBranch Post Office
524101Vedicherla pin codeGudurGudurBranch Post Office
524101Vindur pin codeGudurGudurBranch Post Office
524121Uchur pin codeGudurDoravarisatramBranch Post Office
524121Damanellore pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524121Dos Colony pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524121Manganellore pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524121Mannarpolur(Urban Area) pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524121Pulicotnagar pin codeGudurSullurpetaSub Post Office
524121Sullurpeta pin codeGudurSullurpetaSub Post Office
524121Uggumudi pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524121Velagalaponnur pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524121Akkampeta pin codeGudurTadaBranch Post Office
524121Kadalur pin codeGudurTadaBranch Post Office
524121Karijatha pin codeGudurTadaBranch Post Office
524121Mambathi pin codeGudurTadaBranch Post Office
524121Vatambedu pin codeGudurTadaBranch Post Office
524123Doravarisatram pin codeGudurDoravarisatramBranch Post Office
524123Sreedhanamalli pin codeGudurDoravarisatramBranch Post Office
524123Venumbaka pin codeGudurDoravarisatramBranch Post Office
524123Anepudi pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524123Kallur pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524123Kotapolur pin codeGudurSullurpetaSub Post Office
524123Minamanamudi pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524123Mizur pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524123Polireddipalem pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524123Togaramudi pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524124Pernadu pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524124Phase-Ii pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524124Sriharikota Range pin codeGudurSullurpetaSub Post Office
524124Venadu pin codeGudurSullurpetaBranch Post Office
524126Muchalagunta pin codeGudurDoravarisatramBranch Post Office
524126Nelaballi pin codeGudurDoravarisatramBranch Post Office
524126Annamedu pin codeGudurNaidupetaBranch Post Office
524126Chavali pin codeGudurNaidupetaBranch Post Office
524126Juvvalapalem pin codeGudurNaidupetaBranch Post Office
524126Kanururajupalem pin codeGudurNaidupetaBranch Post Office
524126Kapulur pin codeGudurNaidupetaBranch Post Office
524126Nayudupeta pin codeGudurNaidupetaSub Post Office
524126Pudur pin codeGudurNaidupetaBranch Post Office
524126Rajupalem pin codeGudurNaidupetaBranch Post Office
What is the source of this database?
This database has been sourced from the India post.

What is a PIN code?

The Postal Index Number or popularly know as the PIN code is the post code for post office numbering used by the India Post. It a series of number grouped as per postal regions and postal circles defined by the India Post, required for sorting mails.

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