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Karimnagar Pin Code List

Get complete pin code of Karimnagar areas.

Find below the comlete list of Karimnagar pin codes along with details like the postal circle, postal division, postal code, post office status, nearby areas etc. The below list covers area pin code in Karimnagar like Arepalli, Bommakal, Chegurthi, Chinthakunta, Collectorate Complex, Dist. Court Building, Durshed, Jawaharnagar, Jublikaman, Kamanpur, Karimnagar H.O, Left Flank Katta Rampur, Mukarampura, Ramnagar, Rampur, Dharmaram, Kanagarthi, Kolanur, Konaraopet, Malakpet, Mamidipalli, Marthanpet, Nagaram, Nimmapalli, Nizamabad, Venkatropet, Bonala, Chandrampet. Gandhichowk Srisilla, Katkur,
PincodeAreaCityTalukaP.O. Status
505001Arepalli pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarBranch Post Office
505001Bommakal pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarBranch Post Office
505001Chegurthi pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarBranch Post Office
505001Chinthakunta pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarBranch Post Office
505001Collectorate Complex pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarSub Post Office
505001Dist. Court Building pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarSub Post Office
505001Durshed pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarBranch Post Office
505001Jawaharnagar pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarSub Post Office
505001Jublikaman pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarSub Post Office
505001Kamanpur pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarBranch Post Office
505001Karimnagar H.O pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarHead Post Office
505001Left Flank Katta Rampur pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarBranch Post Office
505001Mukarampura pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarSub Post Office
505001Ramnagar pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarSub Post Office
505001Rampur pin codeKarimnagarKarimnagarBranch Post Office
505301Dharmaram pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Kanagarthi pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Kolanur pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Konaraopet pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Malakpet pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Mamidipalli pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Marthanpet pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Nagaram pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Nimmapalli pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Nizamabad pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Venkatropet pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505301Bonala pin codeKarimnagarSirsillaBranch Post Office
505301Chandrampet pin codeKarimnagarSirsillaBranch Post Office
505301Gandhichowk Srisilla pin codeKarimnagarSirsillaSub Post Office
505301Katkur pin codeKarimnagarSirsillaBranch Post Office
505301Peddur pin codeKarimnagarSirsillaBranch Post Office
505301Sirsilla pin codeKarimnagarSirsillaSub Post Office
505301Venkatrapur pin codeKarimnagarYellareddipetBranch Post Office
505302Stambampalli pin codeKarimnagarBoenpalliBranch Post Office
505302Suddala pin codeKarimnagarKonaraopetBranch Post Office
505302Anpur pin codeKarimnagarVemulawadaBranch Post Office
505302Chekkapalli pin codeKarimnagarVemulawadaBranch Post Office
505302Marpaka pin codeKarimnagarVemulawadaBranch Post Office
505302Sankepalli pin codeKarimnagarVemulawadaBranch Post Office
505302Satrajpalli pin codeKarimnagarVemulawadaBranch Post Office
505302Vemulawada pin codeKarimnagarVemulawadaSub Post Office
505303Bandalingampalli pin codeKarimnagarKishandaspetBranch Post Office
505303Dumala pin codeKarimnagarKishandaspetBranch Post Office
505303Narayanapur pin codeKarimnagarKishandaspetBranch Post Office
505303Padira pin codeKarimnagarKishandaspetBranch Post Office
505303Kondapur pin codeKarimnagarMustabadBranch Post Office
505303Kishandaspet pin codeKarimnagarYellareddypetSub Post Office
505304Dammannapet pin codeKarimnagarGambhiraopetBranch Post Office
505304Gambhiraopet pin codeKarimnagarGambhiraopetSub Post Office
505304Kothapalli pin codeKarimnagarGambhiraopetBranch Post Office
What is the source of this database?
This database has been sourced from the India post.

What is a PIN code?

The Postal Index Number or popularly know as the PIN code is the post code for post office numbering used by the India Post. It a series of number grouped as per postal regions and postal circles defined by the India Post, required for sorting mails.

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