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Malda Pin Code List

Get complete pin code of Malda areas.

Find below the comlete list of Malda pin codes along with details like the postal circle, postal division, postal code, post office status, nearby areas etc. The below list covers area pin code in Malda like Baluchar, Bansbari, District School Board, Fulbari, Malda Court, Malda H.O, Mirchak, Netaji Subhas Road, Rabindra Avenue, Rathbari, Sarbamangalapally, Bairachhi, Jhaljhalia Railway Colony, Mahakalbona, Koilabad, Kumarga R.S., Haripur, Katlamari, Kutubsahar, Maharajpur, Maliha, Rajadighi, Pirganj, Dakshin Alinagar, Rajapur, Kadamtali, Kutubganj, Raninagar. Sambalpur Tal, Gour,
PincodeAreaCityTalukaP.O. Status
732101Baluchar pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101Bansbari pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101District School Board pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101Fulbari pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101Malda Court pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101Malda H.O pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarHead Post Office
732101Mirchak pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101Netaji Subhas Road pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101Rabindra Avenue pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101Rathbari pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732101Sarbamangalapally pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732102Bairachhi pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarBranch Post Office
732102Jhaljhalia Railway Colony pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732102Mahakalbona pin codeMaldaGajolBranch Post Office
732102Koilabad pin codeMaldaKoilabadBranch Post Office
732102Kumarga R.S. pin codeMaldaKumarganjBranch Post Office
732102Haripur pin codeMaldaOld MaldaBranch Post Office
732102Katlamari pin codeMaldaOld MaldaBranch Post Office
732102Kutubsahar pin codeMaldaOld MaldaBranch Post Office
732102Maharajpur pin codeMaldaOld MaldaBranch Post Office
732102Maliha pin codeMaldaOld MaldaBranch Post Office
732102Rajadighi pin codeMaldaOld MaldaBranch Post Office
732102Pirganj pin codeMaldaPukuriaBranch Post Office
732102Dakshin Alinagar pin codeMaldaRatuaBranch Post Office
732102Rajapur pin codeMaldaRatuaBranch Post Office
732102Kadamtali pin codeMaldaRatua IiBranch Post Office
732102Kutubganj pin codeMaldaRatua IiBranch Post Office
732102Raninagar pin codeMaldaRatua IiBranch Post Office
732102Sambalpur Tal pin codeMaldaRatua IiBranch Post Office
732103Gour pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarBranch Post Office
732103Kajigram Chandipur pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarBranch Post Office
732103Kamalabari pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarBranch Post Office
732103Kanchantar pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarBranch Post Office
732103Mukdumpur pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarSub Post Office
732103Rajbati Ramnagar pin codeMaldaEnglishbazarBranch Post Office
732121Gouramari pin codeMaldaGouramariBranch Post Office
732121Aiho pin codeMaldaHabibpirSub Post Office
732121Gandhinagar pin codeMaldaHabibpur (Srirampur Anchal)Branch Post Office
732121Mahadevpur pin codeMaldaMabarakpurBranch Post Office
732121Sirshi pin codeMaldaSrirampur (Habibpur)Branch Post Office
732122Khoribari pin codeMaldaAktailBranch Post Office
732122Bulbulchadi pin codeMaldaBulbulchandiSub Post Office
732122Agra Harishchandrapur pin codeMaldaHabibpurBranch Post Office
732122Gopalpurhat pin codeMaldaHabibpurBranch Post Office
732122Habibpur pin codeMaldaHabibpurBranch Post Office
732122Jagjibanpur pin codeMaldaHabibpurBranch Post Office
732122Kendpukur pin codeMaldaHabibpurBranch Post Office
732122Manikora pin codeMaldaHabibpurBranch Post Office
732122Nakail pin codeMaldaHabibpurBranch Post Office
732122Singabad pin codeMaldaHabibpurBranch Post Office
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This database has been sourced from the India post.

What is a PIN code?

The Postal Index Number or popularly know as the PIN code is the post code for post office numbering used by the India Post. It a series of number grouped as per postal regions and postal circles defined by the India Post, required for sorting mails.

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