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Tenali Pin Code List

Get complete pin code of Tenali areas.

Find below the comlete list of Tenali pin codes along with details like the postal circle, postal division, postal code, post office status, nearby areas etc. The below list covers area pin code in Tenali like A F Station, Bapatla H.O, Maruproluvaripalem, Muthayapalem, Nandirajuthota, Railpeta Bapatla, Rangaraothota, Snpagraharam, Buddam, Chintayapalem, Ganapavaram, Karlapalem, Nalamothuvaripalem, Pedagollapalem, Pedapuluguvaripalem, Perali, Yazali, Mulapalem, Cherukuru, Cheruvu, Jillellamudi, Narasayapalem, Ramnayyapalem, Reteru, Chinalingayapalem, Chintalapudi, Kondabalavaripalem, Nidubrole. Nidubrolu Old Town, Pandrapadu,
PincodeAreaCityTalukaP.O. Status
522101A F Station pin codeTenaliBapatlaBranch Post Office
522101Bapatla H.O pin codeTenaliBapatlaHead Post Office
522101Maruproluvaripalem pin codeTenaliBapatlaBranch Post Office
522101Muthayapalem pin codeTenaliBapatlaBranch Post Office
522101Nandirajuthota pin codeTenaliBapatlaBranch Post Office
522101Railpeta Bapatla pin codeTenaliBapatlaSub Post Office
522101Rangaraothota pin codeTenaliBapatlaSub Post Office
522101Snpagraharam pin codeTenaliBapatlaSub Post Office
522111Buddam pin codeTenaliKarlapalemBranch Post Office
522111Chintayapalem pin codeTenaliKarlapalemBranch Post Office
522111Ganapavaram pin codeTenaliKarlapalemBranch Post Office
522111Karlapalem pin codeTenaliKarlapalemSub Post Office
522111Nalamothuvaripalem pin codeTenaliKarlapalemBranch Post Office
522111Pedagollapalem pin codeTenaliKarlapalemBranch Post Office
522111Pedapuluguvaripalem pin codeTenaliKarlapalemBranch Post Office
522111Perali pin codeTenaliKarlapalemBranch Post Office
522111Yazali pin codeTenaliKarlapalemBranch Post Office
522113Mulapalem pin codeTenaliCheruuvuBranch Post Office
522113Cherukuru pin codeTenaliCheruvuBranch Post Office
522113Cheruvu pin codeTenaliCheruvuSub Post Office
522113Jillellamudi pin codeTenaliCheruvuBranch Post Office
522113Narasayapalem pin codeTenaliCheruvuBranch Post Office
522113Ramnayyapalem pin codeTenaliCheruvuBranch Post Office
522113Reteru pin codeTenaliCheruvuBranch Post Office
522124Chinalingayapalem pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Chintalapudi pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Kondabalavaripalem pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Nidubrole pin codeTenaliPonnurSub Post Office
522124Nidubrolu Old Town pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Pandrapadu pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Ponnur Bazar pin codeTenaliPonnurSub Post Office
522124Ponnur pin codeTenaliPonnurSub Post Office
522124Tallapalem pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Vaddemukkala pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Valluru pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Vupparapalem pin codeTenaliPonnurBranch Post Office
522124Aluru pin codeTenaliPonnuruBranch Post Office
522124Kasukarru pin codeTenaliPonnuruBranch Post Office
522125Vallabharaopalem pin codeTenaliPonnurSub Post Office
522201China Ravuru Tenali pin codeTenaliSub Post Office
522201Gandhinagar pin codeTenaliTenaliSub Post Office
522201Ithanagar pin codeTenaliTenaliSub Post Office
522201Kothapeta pin codeTenaliTenaliSub Post Office
522201Pedaravuru pin codeTenaliTenaliSub Post Office
522201Tenali Bazar pin codeTenaliTenaliSub Post Office
522201Tenali H.O pin codeTenaliTenaliHead Post Office
522201Wahabchowk-tenali pin codeTenaliTenaliSub Post Office
522202Kancherlapalem pin codeTenaliTenaliBranch Post Office
522202Katevaram pin codeTenaliTenaliBranch Post Office
522202Morrispeta pin codeTenaliTenaliSub Post Office
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This database has been sourced from the India post.

What is a PIN code?

The Postal Index Number or popularly know as the PIN code is the post code for post office numbering used by the India Post. It a series of number grouped as per postal regions and postal circles defined by the India Post, required for sorting mails.

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